Stamps are a necessary facet for the delivery of physical items in our modern postal service. However it was not always so. Prior to the introduction of the ‘Penny Black’ in 1840s Britain, recipients had to pay for the delivery of any post. The cost was determined according to the number of pages sent and the distance transversed.

Pre-paid adhesive Stamps were in fact the brainchild of Rowland Hill in his 1837 proposal to reform the British Postal System. Little did he realize then that his invention would become one of the most popular hobbies in the modem world.

The attraction of stamp collection is multi faceted. From a hobby perspective it illuminates people’s understanding of diverse cultures, events and dialects. There is the pleasure obtained from collecting beautiful miniature pieces of art and the thrill of collecting rare and valuable pieces.

5 Key steps in beginning your stamp collection include;

Step One: New or Used Stamps
The fist decision a stamp collector must make is whether to focus on used stamps, unused / mint stamps or a collection of both. Initially it is advisable to commence collecting used stamps. These are readily available, inexpensive and will give you a feel for the hobby.

Commence by removing stamps from your received mail. Please note it is often more valuable to collect the entire envelope due to a unique postmark date. Ask your friends, family and any over seas relatives to send you their stamps. This will provide the impetus for a diverse collection at low cost.

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