Displays are any type of public advertising for which open space is used to generate public viewership. This can be in confined spaces like shopping malls or airports or even railway stations or can be in open spaces also. The open space has conditions of applicability. There should be legal authority to be allowed, it should not block any passages or freeways, the display should not be offensive to anyone and it should return the worth.

Exhibition stands are transparent stands for putting up display. They are mostly used in exhibitions which can be closed or open spaces display. The stands are designed from either transparent plastic or glass; the designs of the Exhibition Displays should be such that they can attract attention of viewers easily. His strategic location is important which the manufacturer can settle if contracted at the time of designing. The design should be flexible enough to accommodate designs for the next exhibition also. This should be settled with the manufacturer at the onset of the contract. The prime product of the company or the latest product launched or the product that has maximum impact on the customer is generally chosen for exhibition since putting all the products will be costly.

Display boards are categorised into different segments. With the advance of technology the boards are categorised into mechanical ones and digital ones. The mechanical one can have a board on which the required display is arranged by magnetic or perforations or any other means. The display can be arranged to alter as and when needed but once hung it cannot be changed in that location which is an advantage of digital display. Digital display boards can be pre programmed to have a series of display sets which will keep coming continuously and there can be even short advertising movies to accommodate.

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